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I do not know you like it or not the city of graffiti art?

對Wisely來說,在任何地方看到這種塗鴉牆時, Wisely it right, in any place to see this graffiti wall, the

總是會吸引我的目光注視著! Always caught my eye watching!

不管在那裡,或是任何的國家, No matter where, or any country,

好像都可以看到這種類似的『創作』出現。 Seem to see such a similar creative 』『 appear.

. .

不同的色彩繪製在灰白的牆壁上, Drawn in different colors in the gray wall,

原本單調平凡的視野,就會出現一抹不同的色彩。 Original monotone ordinary field of vision, there will be a different touch of color.

. .

這是Wisely每天路過時都會看到的一面塗鴉牆, This is Wisely will see a day when passing by the side of graffiti wall,

它並不是在一般的小巷子裡,而是在車來人道的羅斯福路上, It is not in the general lanes yard, but in their cars and humane Roosevelt Road,

注意的人並不多,但是我卻常常在等綠燈時一遍又一遍看著這面牆。 Note that not many people, but I often waiting for the green light when you look at it over and over again the wall.

就在某一天,我總算有空拿起Viewty手機記錄下這個畫面~ On a certain day, I finally picked up the empty Viewty mobile phone to record this picture ~

. .

還好手機有變焦,不然我得丟下機車小黑才能去拍. Fortunately, mobile phones have zoom, otherwise I have to leave in order to take pictures black motorcycle. . . . . ^^; ^ ^;

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