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  1. That SINO is really fresh
  2. This is heavy. Good work mates.
  3. grill boogie


    This stuff is still unmatchable by today's standards.
  4. Preview of the new book "London Burners" being released at the end of April. Could have posted these in the writers in action thread but whatever. via http://www.plastic-bones.com/ FREE BOMS
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I hope you aren't comparing passenger train yards in Europe to freight yards in the United States...because if so you are sadly mistaken my friend.
  6. God you are gay. You sound like little boy crying to his fucking mother. Shut up already, no one gives a shit about you or your graffiti.
  7. I like how you had to make a new account to say that
  8. This thread sucks for two reasons: 1) Bickering 2) 90% of the stuff being posted is hella toy
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