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Guest keamsone

Miracle On 34th Street - November 3, 2001

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Guest keamsone



Some fliks from the 2000 event...




















<table width="445" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="bluer">


<td><font face="Arial" size="2" color="#FF6300">Miracle On 34th Street - Register</font>


<font face="Arial" size="1" color="#FFFFFF">







<font color="silver" size="0" face="arial">

Important:</font><font color="black" size="0" face="arial"> If you want to paint you need to email us before 10.30.01 to see if there is still room left for you on the wall. Also, you should try bringing up your own buff and paint from where ever you are coming from because we cannot promise you that there will be paint left at the 2 closest Walmart's here. Furthermore, make sure that you bring some extra spending money (for food, drinks, the after party, and for anything else that you think you will need it for)!!! And if you need a place to stay then please email us RIGHT NOW so that we can try finding a place for you to sleep. If you are planning on staying in a hotel then please click here to see available hotels for the weekend. Make sure you book the hotel early because once Gator Growl comes around there will not be any hotels left. We will also be doing some other painting with a selected few of you (other than on the 34th street wall), so you may want to bring some extra paint or money if you would like to paint some more. Finally, email us now if you need instructions on how to get to the 34th street wall.



<font color="silver" size="0" face="arial">

Very Important:</font> <font color="black" size="0" face="arial"> The wall be be portioned off on a first come first served basis (as stated below). This means that the people that get there earlier will be able to choose the part of the wall that comforts them the most. Therefore, be there as early as possible so that you can get your spot and start painting (this means get to the wall way before 10:00 a.m. on November 3, 2001 if you want a better spot). Remember... DO NOT paint over the part of the wall which is reserved for the college students that died in UF years back. There is now also a second memorial on the wall made of wood. Do not paint over either of these murals or you may be charged by the police department.




<font color="silver" size="0" face="arial">

Also Very Important:</font> <font color="black" size="0" face="arial"> Last year many people got toyed Saturday night at the wall before they finished their pieces and/or production. This means that you should start painting on Saturday November 3, 2001 and try finishing that same day. We will not be responsible if you do not finish your piece and it gets dissed by the college dickheads. Also, if you decide to paint on Friday November 2, 2001 remember that you will be gone over on Saturday November 3, 2001 (the date of the event). But feel free to paint Friday if you got nothing else to do (but it will be gone over on Saturday).




<font color="silver" size="0" face="arial">

Where exactly is 34th Street?</font> <font color="black" size="0" face="arial"> The wall is on 34th Street between Archer Road and University Ave. If you want to see a map of the are then click here. The wall is in the vicinity of the red circled area. You can't miss it. It borders the campus of the University of Florida, so if you can't seem to find it for some odd reason just get to the University of Florida and ask around "Where is the 34th street wall with all the graffiti?" (everyone on campus knows where its at so don't worry you will get an answer). I should also note that it will be extremely packed during November 2, 3, and 4 weekend because of "Gator Growl" (see below), so just ignore all of the drunk college students running around (because we will probably be those drunkards too).




<font color="silver" size="0" face="arial">

How is this years event different from last years?</font> <font color="black" size="0" face="arial"> First of all, people are going to be video taping for a graffiti video. Your face will NOT come out in the video when it is published. Don't worry. If you do not want to be video taped then please tell the camera man/woman. Also, we would like to interview a few of you (if you are interviewed you will receive a free gift from Beyond Extreme). Second, we would like this year to be more niteractive. Please feel free to go around and introdue yourself to other artists. Last year everyone just painted, and barely anyone spoke to others painting. Make friends!!! Third, if you want to battle someone else at the event them please let us know who (prizes may be given out to the battlers). Also, the after event is going to be crazy!!!!! Just wait. We will post up other shit we are going to be doing as soon as we decide if we want to do it or not. Have an idea for us??? BeyondExtremeInc@hotmail.com











<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">




Want to paint on the wall???


Email me with your name (tag/crew), your fliks, and any other information you would like to provide: BeyondExtremeInc@hotmail.com Make sure you do it now before the spots on the wall run out!!!! An estimate of how many people/pieces the wall should hold: about 40 (still measuring). TThis year you will allowed more space to paint!!! Tihs will give you more room to do a complete background and shit like that. For now make sure you add your email to our list....





<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://server.com/WebApps/mail-list-subscribe.cgi"><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="email" size="25" value="your email address"><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="id" VALUE=28877 >

<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="submit" VALUE="Subscribe"></FORM>





<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">The Event</font>


-- "Miracle on 34th Street 2001"


-- Location: Gainesville, FL (34th Street)


-- When: During "Gator Growl 2001"


-- Date: Saturday, November 3, 2001



-- Time schedule:


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

10:00 a.m.:</font> Start painting (or earlier if you like, but the main event will officialy start at 10:00 a.m.)


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

12:00 p.m.:</font> Start serving some type of food and drinks (drinks will most likely not be free). Make sure you bring some extra money for the food and drinks. We will try getting someone to come out their to server food, but if not then go ahead and go get something to eat yourself.


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

Other event info will be added here soon. Stay tuned.</font>


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

12:00 p.m. till sun-down:</font> Finish up your piece/production, clean up all your trash (cans, etc...) and place it in the garbage cans provided. THROW OUT YOUR FUCKING GARBAGE!!! Last year everyone left a mess. Don't do that this year please. When you're down make sure that you find out the address to the after party.


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

Sun-down till around 10:00 p.m.:</font> Find somewhere to chill and talk shit.


- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

10:00 p.m. till (every one is fucked up) a.m.:</font> Party our fucking brains out!!!!! Get wasted!!!!!! Get leid!!!!! Note: This party is not only for the writers that will be painting (duh!), but will instead be an open house. The after event info and price of entry will be posted very soon. Check back in a few.





-- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">Why are we throwing it during Gator Growl?</font> The main reason is because most of Miami comes up to Gainesville anyways during this weekend, so we said why not throw it when there is going to be writers up here anyways! (Read below to see what Gator Growl is.)</FONT></P>




<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">-- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">Also, it is important to note that the wall is an acutal wall </font><font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

(it is NOT wood or anything else)... its a wall! I had a question about that so I hope I answered it for you. And if you wanna see what the wall looks like go ahead and check our Gainesville graffiti section to check some of the people who have painted on it in previous years/months...



-- <font color="black" size="0" face="arial">It is 100% FREE to paint on the wall!!! This means no fees, charges, etc will be given to you for painting on the wall!!!</font>



<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">-- We are still working on the event, so please check back daily to see when we add some more information about it.</font>







<font size="3" color="silver" face="arial">The Rules</font>


<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">

1) You can paint ONLY on the wall. If you paint anywhere else we will not be responsible with what happens to you.


2) You CANNOT paint on the portion of the wall which is reserved for the mural of the Gainesville students who were murdered up here 6 years ago. This mural has a boreder around it, with flowers, etc... so you should be able to see it. However, before you start painting make sure you talk with one of our representatives that will be there... and show them the spot you would like to paint to make sure its ok.


3) The wall will be proportioned off on a first come first serve basis.


4) Do NOT walk into traffic on 34th street (Duh). Last year the event caused a huge traffic jam on 34th street (the busiest street in Gainesville). So stay the fuck on the side walk.


5) Place all your garbage (including dead cans, paint buckets, etc...) into the garbage cans provided.


6) Try not to cause any other type of rawkus please. We will save that for later that night.


7) No fighting. Keep all beef away from here. If you fight you will be arrested.


8) If the police approach you, you must be polite and cooperative. Don't worry the wall is completely legal, so you can't get into any trouble (as long as you arn't doing anything else illegal or stupid). But still, if they ask you for your tag make something up (use your head). No drugs!!!!


9) Don't do anything stupid! Plain and simple huh.


10) Have fun!!!


More rules coming soon...</font>















<font size="3" color="silver" face="arial">What is Gator Growl?</font>



<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">


Growl is the world's largest student-produced pep-rally.

Each year, Growl draws a crowd of more than 60,000 to

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field. Performances

by world-renowned comedians highlight an evening that

consists of student videos and skits, the crowning of

the Homecoming Queen, celebrity cameos and an extensive

fireworks show. Gator Growl traditionally takes place

the evening before the University of Florida's Homecoming

football game. Gator Growl 2001 will take place on the

evening of November 2nd, 2001. Check out gator growl for more info.</font>


<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">


Even though our event (Miracle on 34th Street) is not part of the school organized pep-rally, we are working on getting the local newspapers to come out and do a story on the event. Last year the event was featured in over 7 newspapers/magazines.</font>




<font color="black" size="0" face="arial">



If would like to paint you can also fill out the form below. By filling out the form it does not mean that you will be able to paint. We will be choosing who will be able to paint within the next month or two. It is just a way for us to see who would like to paint so that we can contact you. Please at lease fill out your name (tag), crew(s), email address, where you are from (the state/city), and who would like to come with you to paint. This information will not be given out or sold to any other people.













<TD VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="left" WIDTH="100%" bgcolor="#808080">




<font color="white" size="1" face="arial">Miracle On 34th Street</font>



<TD VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="left" WIDTH="100%" bgcolor="silver">


<form name=myform ACTION="http://members.hostedscripts.com/formmailer.cgi?user=keamsone" METHOD="POST" target="new">

<input type="hidden" name="notifyaddress" value="BeyondExtremeInc@hotmail.com">

<font color="black" size="1" face="arial">

Name or Tag:

<input type="text" name="Name" cols=40>



Email Address:

<input type="text" name="Email" cols=40>



Phone Number


(Not Required):

<input type="text" name="Phone" cols=40>



State/City :


<select name="section">

<option> ALABAMA

<option> ARIZONA

<option> ARKANSAS


<option> COLORODO


<option> DELAWARE

<option> FLORIDA

<option> --Miami

<option> --Gainesville

<option> --Jacksonville

<option> --Orlando

<option> --Tallahassee

<option> --Tampa

<option> GEORGIA

<option> IDAHO

<option> ILLINOIS

<option> IOWA

<option> INDIANA

<option> KANSAS

<option> KENTUCKY

<option> LOUISIANA

<option> MAINE

<option> MARYLAND


<option> MICHIGAN


<option> MISSOURI


<option> MONTANA

<option> NEBRASKA

<option> NEVADA


<option> NEW JERSEY

<option> NEW MEXICO

<option> NEW YORK



<option> OHIO

<option> OKLAHOMA

<option> OREGON





<option> TENNESSEE

<option> TEXAS

<option> UTAH

<option> VERMONT

<option> VIRGINIA

<option> WASINGTON


<option> WYOMING

<option> -OUTSIDE OF U.S. -

<option selected>----- PICK YOUR STATE -----






Others Joining:

<input type="text" name="OtherNames" cols=40 height="40">






<input type="submit">











Helpful links:


Map of Gainesville, FL


Hotels available in Gainesville






Landing in 2001...


Gainesville, FL


34th Street


Stay tuned!












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Guest keamsone




Since its this weekend....

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