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Entering Reality

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just trying to rid myself of all these topics about "today"


I saw what was beyond my comprehension. It was much like seeing the entire universe from a far point and being able to grasp all of reality. I began to slip out of my body and I had a faint glimpse of the reality that exists in the universe. Suddenly thoughts rushed through my head, but almost too quick to get a good grasp on them. I saw all of the 'dimensions' of the universe. I

began to think about odd things such as sex. I had a flash of my girlfriend and I naked, only I was looking at it from the point of view of me as a child. I couldn't quite comprehend any of it. I began doubting my reality, that is I was unsure if my life was real.



you know the deal........

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Yea that sounds alittle bit more extreme than me but all day I thought I was in a movie or something, people would talk to me and it was like I expecting things to just come out of myself, it was like watching myself from a camera... no knowledge of reality... weird shit

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Originally posted by dosoner:

that has nothing to do with today......


i hate to sound insensitive, but we had it coming


I gotta relax too. I need top smoke a cig and watch a porno flick. Maybe in reverse order.hehe.




"The great man is sparing in words and prodigal in deeds."

Confucius , Analects


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