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More diatribes to make your tribe die

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sooooo,anyhow,its rainy today,made me think of that old sesame street song,if you read the last post,you know that A;im a semi-incoherent rambling person,and B;ive been having and going to a lot a lot of parties for no other reason other then to drink a lot,and get into trouble,oh,i met my supermarket girl on nude swimming night at this one kids moms house.oh my goodness.well theres one going on tonight,but the kids at a show or something and i have to call the tumor telly at 12 midnight,you know how it is,havent seen my girlie for more then a minute in a couple days,shes moving across town,so shes busy,man,shes strong,legs like a mule,not quite an r crumb type,but tall and strong,damn near threw my back out,sweet as marshmellow ice cream.so hopefully ill keep these inane posts going,and i wont do 2 good ones and fall off like weezer or nas,no im going for steady consistancy.put my time in and punch out,well so long fellas,got a party to go to


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[synthesia] (An activation of two or more senses simultaneously; for instance, sound may be "seen" in the mind as being composed of color and shape, or a color may be "heard" as a musical note or harmony)

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