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de xa vu x2--

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""our greatest deepest is not that we are in adequate ,,

our deepest fear is that together, we our powerfull beyond measure""

N.M.----how uniting is that---


"but these two galaxies,

you and me;;;


like our sign ,

completely free,,,

a billion stars ,

to brighten your night,,,


And a moon so sft-with its brilliant light//


come share this day---well share this night

come burn with me and make us twice as bright


for jess________________n'#



brought to you in part by the -"Spatial Vector Electrocardiography"-

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my man.my man. my man....

sanfran is good,my man.

hope to see my plans unfold,my man.

but do come and visit and let me know when you go back to hippy land...my man.


but ask my mother about my skill..

contact me...

over and out..



but alot of what i have dreamt has come to manifest its self over here...i still see the first place i saw a vision in....

i saw an old friend today too...

6yrs and this guy comes upto me knowin my name but not understanding of who i am anymore...


yo homie...am i a "gangbanger"...

no...i dont think so...

but i am going to see my first love soon...ahhhhh

precious puppy love....






its better than jacking off...

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that piece was bogus''''i dig it''''


hope your hittin up as much as you like,

ill be there ont he 27th cant wait---





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