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Al Green

al green's "the Breakdown" AKA Cliff Notes.

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if you add anything try to stick to the format. -bobby




World Order-


"capitalism only triumphs when it becomes identified with the state, when it is the state." - fernand braudel



"they make slaughter and they call it peace." -Tacitus





"the problematic of Empire is determined in the first place by one simple fact: that there is world order. This Order is expressed as a juridical formation. Our Initial task, then, is to grasp the constitution of the order being formed today. We should rule out from the outset, however, two common conceptions of this order that reside on the opposing limits of the spectrum: first, the notion that the present order somehow rises up spontaneously out of the interactions of radically heterogeneous global forces, as if this order were a harmonious concert orchestrated by the natural and neutral hidden hand of the world market; and second, the idea that order is dictated by a single power and a single center of rationality transcendent to global forces, guiding the various phases of historical development according to its conscious and all-seeing plan, something like a conspiracy theory of globalization." -Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri, "Empire"

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imagery and memory-


"At what time language developed and how it evolved are not known. What we see is the end product of a long and complex series of evolutionary steps. Along with tool making, language is one of the extension systems that most characterizes human beings- regardless of their stage of econoic and political development." - Edward T. Hall "Beyond Culture

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