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.:Phat ass rhyme:.

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Can't think of the artist but it doesn't matter.

Vocals:George W. Bush Jr.

Chorus:"Im sorry bin laden, but this is the deal. Wont stop wont stop 'till ya fuckin' die. Close yo eyes an' kiss yo ass g'bye."


I will rip this song up fo yall to listen to.


It follows the beat to that song Miss Jackson by Outkast.

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noticed her in the window

plastic clothes, metal body

masterpeice of assembly line production

how can she love?

how can she live?

without lungs how can she breathe?

with glued on eyes how can she see?

without a brain how will she know she wants to have sex with me?


tell me cee4

a lonely toy wothout a man

what's programmed?

curciut bent motherboard

not attached by a chord

when she's mine i put it on overdrive

eyes light up with life

pushin all her buttons in the middle of the night

electric lovin, shock my scrotum when she's rubbin

on my power supply

when done cummin, plug her up so the battery don't die

pray to jesus that i get her

for now just a wish

dreamin for that day they make a robot that sucks dick`


make mine look like parker posey

the best in show or kobe

them ho's is for enjoying

volume knob when that bitch gets annoying

never boring, gives me warning when she needs restoring

self lubricated ass had me adoring her so fast

she's everywhere can't get her outta my head

gangraped on the bed recorded on videocassette

waterproof in the shower

DVDA screams get louder

man now i'm done you can have her

this slut can go for hours

as long as there's enough battery power


--spook jones

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