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  1. Glue

    WINNT password recovery?

    I need to know if there is password recovery software or a method of finding the password for a winnt password for logon.
  2. Glue


    ahahahhaa i posted on there so called 'tag board' read up kiddies Glue: abuze, you try to hard to be writers...oh oh look at my 'tag board' and look at my cool blotchy bubbly 'flicks'..........all i can say is HA...get a life and go to 12ozprophet.com to see a real 'graff' site.... i mean come on guys, there all like 8 years old...they write in crayola
  3. Glue


    yes yes i agree with beardo...this is bigger than it seems (if true at all)....techtv? i think not....fox, cbs, wgn, they would have all already covered this. not to mention the story doesnt make sense...there isnt evidence in the story...support beams break and 'thousands' of pounds of equipment fall on, crush, and KILL only one man we'll see...if it isnt reported on fox than you know it didnt happen...damn Walter Jacobson
  4. Glue

    Extra-Terrestrial Life?

    .What do you guys think about it? .Is it a real possibility? .Are crop-circles the cause of aliens or cows? .Are the 'abductees' all insane? .What about cattle-mutilations? Are they the cause of the government .looking for the quick self-repairing organs inside of cows? Or are alien .species abducting these animals, making precise incisions and taking .the sex organs out, and then dropping them from the sky? ============================================== The evidence that alien life exists is all there
  5. Glue

    vinyl junkie

    thanks vinyl but i rely on 12oz for pics because my history is logged and checked often...damn them parents so if ya do find em...please feel free to post or email shit@apatheticreasoning.com
  6. Glue

    Asian Tits Fandom

    Is it just me or do the asian girls just completely zone men out with there looks? Jesus fucking christ
  7. Glue

    vinyl junkie

    i saw some of those asian/hentai pics you posted. got anymore?
  8. Glue

    Mortal Kombat 5..

    yes, i agree MK2 was by far the best MK game ever published and put out onto the market...the reason is very simple....MK2 had the best concept and stroyline...as soon as MK3 came out, there was all these new characters and 'struggling' to make the newest possible ideas...scrambling basically to make money by producing new, yet old (take my meaning?) ideas....they should have stopped with good old Genesis/MK2
  9. Glue

    ?Firewall question?

    A firewall is a protection program. Now i think, basically, what it does is to eliminate all outside contact such as AIM, IRC, game servers....so what this means is that a firewall would stop the computer from conecting and recieiving/transfering data to another remote server...now heresthe question...on a LAN/T-1 would a firewall prevent LAN gaming AND prevent one from recieving a list of servers from a remote host? if not, then why wont it work and why wont aim or irc work....please help if you have any knowledge of this
  10. im at a t-1 center, the comps have 32m video, and 100,000kb ram, i install counter strike on 2 comps. make a lan game. and we connect...during the game there is so much lag, it'll freeze up for no apparent reason, then it says warning:connection problem...the processor is celeron 1.2gig what needs to be changed?
  11. shit@apatheticreasoning.com thanks
  12. The aim site sint supporting downloads at this time...im at this dope t-1 center right now but i need aim...if anyone has it please let me know and either you can email it to me or if it is a html accessible ftp...thanks alot
  13. Glue


    ok ok ok ok.... skateboarding...well, the flips...thats the thing that bests blading...however....it all comes down to flips vs. grind combos you are right in your saying about all the in-out tricks simply because of flips, but i think its amazing how one could jump into a soul, go backsilde acid in a torque and then stale grab out....id like to see a boarder grab into or out of a grind
  14. Glue


    word to that...and im not trying to make enemies here, and yes i think there are alot of boarders here...however some of you are very wrong about the grabs for one thing....there arent 50,000 different ways...and if you actually look at the tricks you'd notice a drastic difference in the grabs...as for the grinding, i think bladers have the advantage on them simply because of the combos (i would love to see a guy 5-0 > smith > frontside feeble) and furthermore....i admit that alot of bladers act all "hip" and listen to that gay rap shit and call themselves underground...however that doesnt change the fact that inlining is great and fun and doesnt influence the skaters i know into thinking they're black or a gangsta...
  15. Glue


    first off all mr.abc:sure, there are 5 different ways to do one grind. that is, if you can call, ollieing different ways before grinding, however, basically, every skateboarding grinds have only one way...50-50 is only one grind, you cant crook or tweak a 50-50 because all it is is the two trucks in sequential order on a rail/edge etc.. same with boardslide, crook, over-crook, smith....etc... i take back the '5' remark only because ive recounted 50-50 boardslide smith feeble crook over crook nose 5-0 those are the basic grinds....now lets try aggressive inline grinds do the math and compare the two. frontside backside royale soul miszou pornstar fastslide makio fishbrain backslide torque acid wonder-grind sweat stance mistrial numbers dont lie