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Everything posted by Nestarcist

  1. that lungs been riding for a minute down there. fuck yeah.
  2. i dig the freights in the brick slayer thread
  3. i met some pretty interesting people in my time. but not anyone who takes flicks of highway signs with the flash on. stay Classy.. everyone
  4. only thing good was that ideo....and seems mozes still cant finish stuff
  5. and fuck that legal wall spot.
  6. IMS is keepin it tight......
  7. heres some stolen photos to revive this dead place.
  8. legal walls and driving photos vol. 1
  9. not even like that...the 90's are long gone. but the effort they put in. they didnt just squirt their paint everywhere and said fuck you. if you're gonna risk your freedom you should atleast take it SEMI serious.
  10. look how intense CT used to be style wise.... as it looks ct is dead... few people doing it bomb as fuck but others are just not motivated to make shit look good. these are only a handful but we all know the ones who kept it real. and now the ones who make ct look like a joke. PEACE CT.
  11. does it come with condoms?
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