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  1. Who is Bozo Texino? http://www.megafileupload.com/6om9/BOZO_-_Medium.mov
  2. round


    Yea man, Im pretty lucky, the craving went away after like 3 months, and its just been kinda sporadic, no real intense cravings now, still get drug dreams every few months or whatever but no real internal pressure to use. RIP, didn't know him but its always a strong and harsh reminder of how fucked up this disease is; we are losing soldiers everyday.
  3. The Art of Storytelling: Had to reduce the quality, apologies. http://www.megafileupload.com/ayh1/My_Movie_-_Small.mov
  4. Bombin Featuring Brim, Tats Cru, Goldie, etc. http://www.megafileupload.com/6m7k/T...uring_BRIM.mov Tats Cru Mural Kings: http://www.megafileupload.com/6m7f/T...fiti_Movie.mov More to come, probably going to have to downgrade the quality of the next few to be able to upload them, but they'll at least be watchable. STILL LOOKING FOR TEENAGERS ON MARS, TEENAGERS ON URANUS AND TERROR IN THE BURBS. If any of y'all have any of em hit me up.
  5. No problem, I'm gonna upload a few more in a bit.
  6. http://www.megafileupload.com/6lkh/5am.flv.zip (5AM) http://www.megafileupload.com/axtE/WriteAndUnite.mp4.zip (Write and Unite) Does anyone have a link to Terror in the Burbs, I need to get that.
  7. And I had to hit this spot, shit got sloppy cus I had to balance but its there. I write odium, all the way up top.
  8. round


    Have a bit over a year sober now, went from xanax/roxis/meth everyday for 3 years to drinking everyday, to getting back to xanax, but in high quantities. Overdosed for the first time last October, and it was just a shit show from that point, OD'ing every few weeks, everything just fucking sucked, I was ready to die. Wound up getting sent away to a few rehabs and psych wards and got my shit together on January 28, 2015, been hitting meetings everyday still, trying to keep myself relatively sane. I do that by going to meetings, talking to people in the rooms, and writing, writing relieves me of my apathy and anger, and the rest keeps me from wanting to die, or get high. Lost my boy Devin a couple weeks back while I was in LV, this shit isn't a joke, he had been sober and just went back for "one last time" and it really was his last, rest in power brother, everyone else keep fighting this shit.
  9. Luckily the plans to convert it to anything have halted because of mixed interest from mixed groups, I think it will be safe for quite a while longer, i'll be posting some more shit from here in a little bit, gotta sift through stuff.
  10. chill spot, fences were replaced, find a new way in.
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