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  1. An experimental animated documentary based on the insane everyday interactions on Biscayne Boulevard, as seen through the ubiquitous, iconic graffiti eyeballs of street artist Ahol Sniffs Glue. [MEDIA=vimeo]158084419[/MEDIA]
  2. The Oaktown Report is the first in what is shaping up to be an ongoing series of digital zines focused on the wanderings of nomadic photographer Irina Weiss better known as her online moniker @Sugarbombing. After stops in Greece, U.K, France, Spain, Colombia and Mexico, Irina made a month long stop in Oakland where she collaborated with Madrid based writer Neko. The Oaktown Report is a byproduct of a shared love for the old school diy culture of trading zines, stickers and photos. With Neko providing substance and connection to a network of writers and Irina providing the preservation, the duo have compiled their work into a slick digital product and have been freely distributing it online. With a purely digital distribution model, the report is not for sale and the only hard copies are the ones that people will make if they wanna print it. A departure from the tangible, feel good nature a zine purchase normally brings, the Oaktown Report focuses more on getting a polished product into the hands of as many relevant viewers as possible. The So grab your nice cardstock and make sure your ink cartridges are full because you will want to have this in your hard copy collection. You can download the black and white array of graff and street photography here
  3. Some Brooklyn burners by the Queens based writer HOACS with two bonus Miami flicks.
  4. PEAR (D30)(246)(N4N)(NSF)(WGE) all photos via Bomb Hanks
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