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  1. dsc00045jpg_313542618_o.thumb.jpg.f8815c56fcd314f7a7e4feb2fd6c5419.jpgdsc00046jpg_313542711_o.thumb.jpg.e68f266cc741acb641d5e5542f21aa6d.jpgdsc00049jpg_313543162_o.jpg.35f7c9458b68f23a77975091c3f58fd9.jpgdsc00050jpg_313543320_o.jpg.32583a116dcdda47810614b4c132937f.jpgdsc00053jpg_313543740_o.jpg.a280ade92c98209ecb614c30bf92bf83.jpgdsc00055jpg_313543990_o.jpg.b04dbfc2c39cbb1a9f9cfffd08086758.jpgdsc00056jpg_313544142_o.jpg.268b0013f558a2d8084a5010a7d09736.jpg


    I us to take the bus for a hour before walking the tracks for 8 - 12 miles just to take pictures one time I went a little too far and had to sleep under a bridge and catch the bus home in the morning.

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