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  1. With the shut down of free Flickr I've been consolidating whats left of my photo library. Ive lost over 25,000 pictures and countless hours of footage to police evidence but when your addicted you can't stop. Graffiti is more addictive then any drug in my honest opinion. 


    I'll start with pictures I took freight hunting in the Inland Empire in the mid 2000's.000_2776jpg_313529657_o.thumb.jpg.d2efbb1e94360a54c91644b149a6935f.jpg000_2778jpg_313529959_o.thumb.jpg.b0a08b5859d325dcb9b12aa05110354b.jpg000_2785jpg_313530822_o.thumb.jpg.5755c0447948c2bdc40b4c126059f465.jpg


    I use to catch some gems and didn't even know it. 

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