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  1. Landed 100 hours of community service petting cats at the local shelter. Pretty much a king now or something.
  2. Everyone does it better, Im just playing around.
  3. Hey. This was for a battle thang. ERVOS
  4. I have no doubt thats how easy it comes to you. How long did it take you to get to the level you are at now?
  5. Damn it. MEK crushes every single battle. How long do these usually take you to think up and finish?
  6. You got a deadline? Throwie or piece?
  7. Yeah a few friends and I put down for an order of ironlak and a couple of flame a while ago.
  8. People tell me this a lot (mostly on here). I ask for advice and take into consideration everything people tell me. I sketch everyday. I hit my practice board whenever I have the paint. And yes I occasionally put up wack toy shit. I was arrested because I unknowingly tagged my next door neighbor's office building, not because I didn't listen to people on the Internet. Yeah It sucked, but it forced me to step back and stop throwing shit up in the wall and practice until it was safe for me to go out again. Now I know not hit that building and that I need to cool down for a while. Read that? Learned something the hard way. I deserved my punishment for my stupidity. But I figured something out without your help or anyone else. And I couldn't be happier with what happened. Half the fun of graff is experienceing everything first hand and learning from being a dumbass. Not listing to some complete stranger in some unknown part of the world tell me what and what not to do. In learning the game and my technique one mistake at a time. I can assure you I deserve everything that's coming to me, because I fucking earned it. I found the kid that did it, keep your fingers crossed for me. -ts
  9. I was arrested last week at a friends house. Guess the news kind of got around my school after that.
  10. SDK, thizz or bie u beezy and grunk. Now that I think about it, I'm overreacting. I'm just going to paint over their shit.
  11. I have been actively painting around my town for 3 months now and I have just run into a bit of problem today. So I was walking my dog near spot I like to bomb, checking out peoples work, putting up a few tags. I walk up to throwie of mine and see my full name and a stompdown killaz tag written (poorly) in sharpie. Not too far away is a character my friend did recently with his full name and the same tag written on it. I snap a picture of both these, send it to some of my friends with a request to find the person responsible for this. I should know culprit by the end of tomorrow. My question for you is this. How should I/would you respond this? Im not happy with this kids decision to start shit like this. I could care less if he crossed me out and painted over me, but to write my real name over my throwie has crossed the line. Im not the violent kind of person, but Im considering breaking every finger he has right now.
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