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Everything posted by burningxseason

  1. Okay I give up. I'm too stupid to know how to post pictures now.
  2. Shoutout to the dude who doesn't know that Nekst died. SKUBA AND MEAGI
  3. That fowl on the WC Box Zono and other NC kids doin it in the city
  4. Stolen from Bloodywishes' "About 150 Freight Flicks"
  5. Parks bringin good, clean letters. Haven't been out that way lately but I've been told he's gettin up a lot. Where da flix at? Tride. Houla.
  6. I think we should all make a conscious effort to spend more time at the college free wall drawing 200 fake names and running shit. FOWL WTCHKVLT LF Bump anyone who grabs a can and applies it to an illegal surface, especially in NC
  7. This page is awesome. Bump NC heads doing it in TN
  8. Raser Shred Shelt Bump dudes traveling and older heads getting back in the game
  9. uh like wow. the shading on the trunk is like totally wrong. You guys just don't appreciate real art. See how the curl on the end of the "G" in BIG matches the curl in the elephant's trunk? It creates unity along with the cancer ribbons in the background. "GET UP!"
  10. That Fowl/Creed roof is definitely the coolest thing running in that city, hands down That Stoer is perfect Those new Ruinr letters are tight. About it. GB MOMS Not sure about some of that other stuff...
  11. Someone should post all those GB highways and freights. Shit is too good.
  12. Skez LF is not in the Carolinas. Thanks for the newsflash though. Much respect to the old Carolina heads.
  13. Introducing Skez LF. Welcome to the fam. Some stolen from mah BFFs 4-eva
  14. that e2e lookin real niceeeeee
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