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  1. Ha! http://www.39online.com/newsfix/kiah-newsfix-painting-the-town-story,0,1843608.story
  2. dont chug on your own cock bro
  3. Those are Houston pics retard. Why are you showing your hometown how you get treated in Texas? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. someone SHOULD do throwies over that wackass deck. would love to see a street battle with a self proclaimed "ny legend." dont make me have to drive a car into that bullshit lol. and whats with the overpriced NY transit t-shirt? go back to new york already turd. why didnt you make a deck shirt instead? afraid nobody will buy that garbage?
  5. packthepipe

    obey fail

    shepard fairey, the last name says it all.
  6. Look, i hate to burst your bubble sweetheart, but your shit is wack as FUCK. Why hasn't your style progressed? Is it that you lack the imagination?
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