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  1. Bosdj, did you respond to my posts? If so thanks, I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, hehe, guess it ain't bad!
  2. @ sneekatoke, thanks for your reply, hehe. By simples it's just letter and shadows, I presume... My stuff sucks indeed, will suck for a longer time indeed, practice is key. But every once in a while you must take a chance, and do something you can't do yet, which makes you learn from mistakes. I think I overdid it by doing so many, hehe. So... I am only going to do "simples" for now, for a while, till I get the hang of it, and until I've done a decent sketch, which is atleast decent enough to post, I'll post it. Thanks everyone for your advice, and I will take it with me in practicing.
  3. Oh I rofled, I see it now, how could I miss that, that's really a big Toy mistake right there, uhuh :/ I made a really quick, and rough sketch, of KILL with vines and stuff, but not that detailed since I've run out of time, and it's just a concept for me right now. I must say I like it, but I want to do the real thing in time, so don't go rough on me on this one :P Again crits welcome...
  4. @ N30n B0n35, You mean the 3d is missing between the line of the H meeting the K, if so, that was intended, due to not wanting to space the two letters really, but making it look like it was made out of 1 solid block of rock, hehe :P And you're right on the bottom leg of the K, it really looks a bit too thin, will keep an eye on that on my next piece, hehe. Thanks for your crits, much appreciated!
  5. I made this two-lettered piece this morning (I live in The Netherlands), and want to know what you guys think about this one. I've done it simple, and clean!
  6. Hey I made this quick thing, inspired by your rocky theme, but I kinda failed at the outline mostly at the o and c, but I was like, meh, it's oke, I'll do more practice tomorrow, since my RSI kicked in :/ (Repeated Stress Injury), which was also the reason why the outline failed... But the R and K seems fine to me, good proportioned, and well done, constructive crits well appreciated! EDIT: Yeah my cam sucks some details aren't shown well at the C I did a crack thingy with the chipped of bit still attached to it on the upper part, though it doesn't show it well :/
  7. @ Spawn-of-Sham I am no expert or something, so I'll just say my oppinion, which is based on eye, rather than knowledge ;) What does it say, exactly, it's rather chaotic imo, so I can't read it well. Though as I said it may be chaotic, though it ain't bad in the least. Hehe, sometimes chaotic can be good, which is portrayed here, it has this flow, at least for me, in which chaos goes about. Just to warn you, this may sound weird, but in my twisted world, it's logic, rather than utter crazyness :P If you didn't really intended this, then you may very well need to practice more on de-chaozination (is that a word, I guess not, but F that...). Oh yeah, through the chaos, I can see a R and A, other than that, my eyes fuck me up to much :P @ Bosdj, hehe, that's awesome, though may be quite do-able, for me, in a short while, maybe, hopefully. But thanks for posting that, it seems to have gotten me alot more info, about what you were talking about. This was the simplistic style you were talking about right, so I should learn to do that, before I should start bending, hook-ups, arrows, and bubbles...? Kudos for both of u, for helping me, hehe. EDIT: P.s I love the cracked rock theme, aswell as the bamboo, it's Ffing awesome, simplistic, but really adds that nice touch ;)
  8. Thanks Spawn-of-Sham, I will practice rectangle(bar)-structuring each day, and will see if I improve in that area. Then I am going to try the Half-Circle bending, and see how that comes out, hehe. If you got any more tips, or you just want to talk a bit more, don't be afraid to pm me, I will be glad to see more info which I can work with, or just chatter is nice, hehe. I will look at your sketch, I think it will be much better than mine hehe.
  9. Hmmmm weird, they look fine to me, but hey, it's just me... Hehe. Thing is I used the bar technique with this, only the D is crap and the 2 E's are a bit out of proportion, but that's just because of lack of practice right now, for the rest I think it's pretty good. But you can be kinda right, as for the structuring. I kinda need some more info, if you're willing to help me out some more. Oké here goes: Structuring each letter through bars, that's quite easy to do. But what do you do when you've done structuring them. I mean, when you mastered the bar-structuring, and you can make nice proportioned N's, A's, and such, then you start bending stuff right. But what's a good starting point, for bending those letters. I mean, is there any tip or trick for it, some guidelines, I dunno though, maybe it's just find out yourself, but the sooner I know this shit, the better :P
  10. Hmmm thanks for the info, but you didn't quite specify why you would suggest me to do so, let alone give me some constructive criticism about the piece. It's no biggie though, just trying to get me some constructive criticism to find stuff for improvement, and such. I am eager to learn, and practice, I just need some guide-lines, which I can get through being told my mistakes ;) But I will most defo, see that thread!
  11. First "piece" I did, and I am only doing practice since a week or so, hope it's not to Toy, it's certainly not the best, but for a week of practice it ain't bad, IMO. Tell me what you think! P.s I did this one in black and white, because I don't have fancy markers and stuff yet, and I am not that good in coloring in, in overall yet. So bear with me, hmmm kay?
  12. Hikari

    Spray safe!

    True, though I'm a total toy at the moment, due to only, what, 5 days of practicing. Yet I got my respirator, some latex gloves, german outlines (100pc for 15$) and some NY Fats, just to get me started. It's safer, and feels better this way. Though I got one mere question. When you done writing something, are the "smells" harmfull as well? Thing is, where I live they are not only the biggest snobs ever, but also extreme christians, so I was having problem to keep my profile low. It seems like they had nothing else to do, but to be all paranoide spying outside their white house windows. So I thought of this way to hide my respirator, in my hoodie. It worked, though you got to have a nice baggy hoodie to do it. The tight ones won't work, since it would look not only weird, but doesn't hide it well. They don't even notice it, which is awesome for me, but bad for their walls, hehe. Nah joke, I don't write on peoples houses, just on some industrial factory walls, which I have clearance for. It was never a problem to be allowed a wall to write on, but it's a problem that the uptight snobby extreme christians here call the police, even when I told them I have clearance for it... Oh well, just get my hoodie out and hide this shit in :P Also, nice to meet you all, I just joined so...
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