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  1. damn....Jacob Saon Breaux....its sad to say that i wasn't there for you when you passed on to heaven bro....i was stuck in BMT for the Air Force...I'll forever miss you man...one of my best friends i'll ever have. if those who didn't know him he was a genuine guy with a heart for graffiti. he was committed to what he had to do when it came to painting. one of the best guys i'll ever know. REST IN POWER better be bombing those heaven gates man....i'll see you soon if i die in combat when i deploy. i love you brother -Aeus One.... i hate to see you gone:(
  2. calls himself a legend...a legend of snitching haha
  3. calls himself a king...hahaha king of snitching. once a snitch always a snitch.
  4. its obvious that he did...but fuck it, its a dead issue now. go back to painting...
  5. its obvious that you guys dissed it...no one from salinas will diss him considering the amount of work he put in when TSB was running...salinas writers will never learn.... anyways bump saon and aukwer they've been putting in major work lately.
  6. i see nothing has changed...uzi hit me with a text brah
  7. [/url] Aukwer in Action by schizophrenic. [/url] Empress of China by schizophrenic. [/url] Skyline of San Francisco by schizophrenic.
  8. [/url] San Francisco by schizophrenic. [/url] China Town by schizophrenic. [/url] If At First You Succeed -Call An Airstrike by schizophrenic. [/url] Sky Line San Francisco by schizophrenic. [/url] Pier 39 by schizophrenic.
  9. [/url] Pier 39 by schizophrenic. [/url] Tags by schizophrenic. [/url] Empty by schizophrenic. [/url] China Town by schizophrenic. [/url] China Town by schizophrenic.
  10. [/url] China Town by schizophrenic. [/url] China Town by schizophrenic. [/url] San Francisco by schizophrenic.
  11. bump, glad to see something good looking over that dissed bosek(R.I.P)
  12. it was interesting looking through those photos, i like it though, very cool!
  13. it was charm-_- i can tell by his shitty M. hit me up chubba,
  14. i'll be getting more pictures soon, just gotta go walking more and etc. hit me up later uzi
  15. do you have the picture of who went over saon?
  16. it seems like its usually you and i who post the most on this thread now...
  17. the freights were in today so i had to flick them haha
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