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  1. I totally respect Fab 5 Freddy for his contributions for HIP-HOP in general but I honestly think REVOK has put in a lot more work in the graffiti front. Fab 5 Freddy acknowledges himself that he bridged graffiti w/ the bboy/music/art/rap scene. But, not all writers are even into hip-hop. I personally think the whole graffiti being a "hip-hop element" thing is pretty corny. 1. I don't recall REVOK constantly "going off" on any "legends" except for FAB5 FREDDY. I could be wrong but please list the other examples? Lets be honest, those canvases were a clear BITE unless that was his intention. Even then, the artists' work he referenced should have been acknowledged. 2. What proof is there of REVOK being a rat? I believe he already did time in LA. Trust me, LA is NOT the place to go to jail. Please educate us on these "rat" accusations? 3. Not a fan of the blogging, clothing, etc. but the truth is REVOK has been painting illegally non-stop for over 2 decades to this day. I know he's getting the west coast "COPE" treatment and sure, he does the gallery shit but dude still puts in work w/ illegal street pieces where everyone else is just doing fillins. I don't see Fab 5 Freddy doing anything in the streets today, the 00's or even in the 90's?... All that comes to mind is some soup cans paint on a train back in the day and his legal GALLERY work. On top of it all, he was the one that so-called" bridged" graffiti with the downtown art/gallery scene right?
  2. I keep hearing people say the same thing: that it's always been like that in history and we can't change it etc... But why the fuck not? The problem is that people sit back and accept things the way they are and not seeing the bigger picture... I think that the OWS goal in growing their movement by educating people is actually working day by day. I think the first challenge is getting most of America to wake up and get behind their cause. Only then, can they even begin to actually think about making "demands"... But honestly, these fuckin' hippies and anarchist crust punks that are dressing up, dancing around and playing the drums are making the Occupy Wall Street movement look really bad. As well as people coming to protest shit that has nothing to do w/ WALL STREET corruption at all... Shit down there is turning into more of a spectacle than anything. But I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of liberals together....
  3. THAT NEW YORK SHIT... http://nycgraff.tumblr.com http://nycgraff.tumblr.com http://nycgraff.tumblr.com http://nycgraff.tumblr.com http://nycgraff.tumblr.com http://nycgraff.tumblr.com
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