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  1. Dao the type of nigga to constantly talk about all the pussy he crushes so you don't think he is homo.


    I'm more like the type of nigga to punch you in the face, then skip out on your child support payments.




  2. Well it was 1979, which was almost the 80's, but remember Cruisin' Main Street with your Hot Rod equipped with a CB Radio and looking for girls? Check out these videos:




    and this one:





    I don't think very many people on here were even born in 1979, and I'm pretty sure the ones on here who were alive, were tucked into bed and dreaming about cookie monster while shitting in their diapers late at night while you were out cruising for chicks LOL!


    But good post none the less.

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  3. krylon not totally sucking.


    Krylon didn't suck until a few years ago when they re-did their valve system to make it incompatible with graffiti.


    I mean Krylon always sucked for filling over Rusto tags and soaker walls, but that's not what Krylon was for.

    Krylon was for fat ass flair tags and quick dusty fillins on buff walls.

    Anybody who ever hated on Krylon was just doing it wrong.


    RIP ultra flat black.

  4. Also, any "breakfast places" close too fucking early for any real drinker to ever really frequent. Unless they're drinking till 10 in the morning. But if they're in the habit of drinking till 10 in the morning they'd probably have a hard time holding a job therefore wouldn't have the funds to frequent breakfast spots to begin with.

  5. My point being that food establishments are nowhere on my "to do list" when going to new cities.

    It's the furthest thing from my mind.

    Hence why I don't get why every single thread about any city has to devolve into a fucking food thread.

  6. You can get a cheesesteak at any corner pizza shop in Philly.

    Next time you're in Philly and you decide you're hungry and want a cheesesteak: walk to the middle of any intersection, stand there and do a 360 degree turn, first pizza shop you see BAM! go there.

  7. Am I the only one who finds food spots to be the absolute most boring topic to talk about?

    And every thread about any city always seems to turn into a food thread.

    Don't you people do anything other than eat?

    When traveling to other cities, where I'm gonna end up eating ranks absolutely nowhere on my agenda.

  8. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................


    fucking awesome. dao is the entire reason for the harlem shake.


    edit: so did you get your ass kicked like he said you did or is that him saving face? i think dao needs to write a rebuttal to fader and tell em how it really went.




    Yo i just got around to readin this shit and the only thing he got right was the part about catching the 4er0 bottle to thd face. I fucking wrecked dude till he grabbed his head and stumbled away in a daze. then being as this was in the middle of first Friday or some shit i got on my bike and bounced so as to not go to jail. shoes on my feet and all. dude is def trying to save face.

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