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  1. ^^i bet you have one too but with lube on it.
  2. bump riding fixies with no seat :)
  3. fuck gacho wkt.just stickers,never any hits ups anymore,sad sad.poor fat bastard he reminds me of that fat Bail Bonds Mom dude, "Because your momma wants you home".-TheDemons 7:77
  4. The Fucken Legend "Doper". Legend Of Rare "Doper" Styles.The man,The Legend,The one man team,The only dude that was there swinging while you chumps watched.The man that made you guys more popular and you do him like this,damn fucken bitches."Doper the real Lord" - TheDemons 7:77
  5. This is TheMaker speaking,Everything I say is the truth,why would I lie,there is no damn reason for me to lie.Now I`m dissapointed on 98% of yous guys.Do you know why,You jock people that dont give a flying fuck about you.You copy people styles when you should be creating your own.You side bust on walls,bus stops,etc.Some of you claim your kings when "Who the fuck made you kings!!" Theres alot of snitch writers that would drop dimes just to get less time for there crime.One more thing,theres only one Maker so stop acting like me,tuf guys.- TheMaker 510
  6. ohhh how cute your defending you hero Zack,just like every body else on his nuts.the dude dont piece,dont have good styles,dont have characters,dont have burners just ugly simple fucken throwies.come on now you fucken stupid fucken zombies stop following people and stop sucking his cack plus i dont tag.fucken nut swingers and stop e-thuggin,aight.-TheDemons 3 sevens is my lucky number 7:77
  7. I met you once before in a dark street down town,I said what up to you and your punk ass got scared,your eyes bulged out like you seen a ghost and started walking fast.I laughed once you passed me because this was the time when you got out of WKT because you couldnt handle the funk.haha You were so scared.What a tuf guy you are on the net but when it comes down to face to face,you just a tall fucken pussy like AN.haha.This is the truth kiddies.Good night Zack,get some balls before you talk your shit.-TheMaker 510
  8. So why did you tell Cash and lil Nor to stop cvrossing you out when you got out of WKT,since you say your The King of ups,Why the fuck were you scared of them? You cant handle them mano y mano or you were just a big tall pussy with toy ass styles? Your a joke.you will always be a toy and a pussy that hides behind his tags.Fucken punk ass bitch.So this is who you kids look up to,I feel sorry for all of you because I am saying the truth but keep on following this bitches foot steps so you can be a pussy like him.Zack your whacked and a fucken liar,trying to hide the truth.shame on you.-TheMaker 510
  9. What ever happened to Aot and Nc? wow mom thats what happenes when you think your the shit.Judge leave all those mutha fuckers in jail.Especially Delt I heard he sucks dick for rocks.oh well they were pretty slaming for there time.Who wants to go to Denny`s with me (Big Daddy),any one,you pay I fly.-TheMaker 510
  10. Young tuf guy,you only been writing for like umm 3 years,so I doubt your up more than anybody,I heard you cried when you got popped in Frisco,Is it true Zack,tells us how it went down?,amigo and put it on Alah - TheMaker 510
  11. Zack remember when you where in WkT,Amc,Up,Sjc,Bff,1810,Er, etc the list goes on,fucken crew hopper.I always wondered how "ohh shit I forgot the 5 minutes you were in TKo with that cotton picken nigger Vida",so any ways- do you,yes you think to yourself as a top notch bomber or writer,after all you crew hop alot,so would you give (us the media) an answer? -TheMaker 510
  12. I pimp Zack for his scratch catt fill ins. Boo Boo throw ups -TheMaker 510
  13. Zack I heard you do male escort services for Persians only in SF,yeah I guess you are doing it big out there or you came across big ones (cacks) out there,fucken toy and fag.-TheMaker 510
  14. "No Homo,only Promo" But why not I would fuck all you guys bent over buttnaked on stools at The Covention Center,Down Town and we all know that place is huge.I will only fuck you guys because I know you like it in your dark chocolate harry assholes.I will creampie all your assholes for free no taxes.jejeje -TheMaker 510 not 415
  15. ^^ that is true son I taught you well,you know you and your sister came out from my hairy nut sack.-TheDemons 7:77
  16. body.oh shit im late to get my 408 San Jose tatoo on my body.-TheDemons 7:77
  17. Why is this called the Shark City thread.You proud of a sorry as team just like all you toys.Plus why did they name San Jose "Sharks" when we dont even have a beach with Sharks in the water.Maybe they should`ve been Santa Cruz Sharks or Alviso Sharks.Remember Alviso has water,dirty ass smelling water but its still like water.Why do you guys hit up 408 next to your tags in San Jose did you forget your area code? Why dont just hit uup your adress while your at it.Why do people get big fucken ugly 408 stickers for there car,did you also forget your area code? Why do people get San Jose and 408 tatooed on there
  18. ^what the fuck we got Orange Count,CA in here too.
  19. This is TheMaker speaking,If all you fuckos were combined into one big asshole I would fuck you hard with no lube so you can feel the wrath of TheMaker."No homo,only promo" I`ll make you bleed and scream,more then the movie Scream.Shalo Hal your fucking weak as fuck you remind me of a bitch I once fucked her face hard,she didnt come out alive,the bitch started throwing up on my cack but I still shoved my cack like a cork screw down her throat.So what I`m trying to say is If I find you I`m going to make you my bitch and put a collar on you with badges saying "TheMaker screw balled my asshole".No homo,only promo.Happy fucken New Years to all you toys,its not like you make a difference here in SJ anyways with your shitty hit ups,fucken tuf guys.Suck my dick to all of you 6 and + Toys-r-us drum set.No homo,only Promo.-TheMaker 510 Hayward Tennyson
  20. ^^German,Please read it again,the two post I put.Read it like you would read The Cat in The Hat at school with your helmet wearing Power Ranger buddies.Then that will answer your own question of a question.Gracias.Tune in for me going at it with Di Maria 2maro,11pm be there or be square.jk he`s a good cack sucker - "TheMaker,TheMaker,TheMaker 510" please read German.
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