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  1. I think I know where all you toys learn your throws Is from the book Cat In The Hat.Thats what I think,I forgot the dudes name Dr ,what is it again.Well i think all you toys also learn your character from that book Where`s Waldo.Ah ha I got you guys.-TheDemons 7:77
  2. Vote BLUV for The Best staight letters Ive ever seen in my entire mutha fucking crazy Mongols life and Spawk - TheMaker 7:77
  3. That toy battle between Trol and Trek is getting crazy.Hallows over Hallows,that is the way to do it.I seen that shit everywhere,what a beautiful battle,the best battle ever in San Jose by far.Trek is an og toy but he`s doing it high standard toy og.Trol never ever ever ever heard of him but he has some toy skills.There using staock tips with the best paint there is dollar paint.You cant beat that,thats straight up G status.There Clowning all you fools.Hey "Doper" get better,Next time your hardcore piecer friends will help you,oh i forgot thats all they can do is piece,they aint fighthers.-TheDemons 7:77
  4. You got to admit I made a big impact in 12oz history.I will go down,yes, as the shit talker that hides his identity but remember 12oz Sj. thread wouldnt be shit if it weren`t for me.Im proud to say Thank you to all my fans,followers, and haters,I will except this reward on the behalf of TheDemons (Twins) and TheRecorder.When im not typing there doing the shit talking for me.I want to thank The Mods for having me on here for so long and I would like to thank that Big fat chick at Hot Topic in Eastridge for sucking me up last week.Thank you and have a goodnite -TheMaker 510
  5. Shalo you owe me 1,000 dollars in taxes,bitch so pay up before I put a bounty on your head and make you buff your own shit.-TheDemon aka (TheTaxer) 7:77
  6. Fuck Shalo and his ugly ass throws and ugly ass writing looks like a bum has a cack up his ass while he is doing his throws.Plus I just see him hit like hmm one or hmm,thats it just like one tunnel.Fucken toy came out of no where and joined the Super Friends of toys.Shalo should make a crew called Super Friends Toys,that will work,awesome with him.No good son of a Bitch.-TheDemons 7:77
  7. Eva Angelina whats up Telos.where you been hiding oh never mind you dont hide cause you just a dickrider.sketch book king.
  8. Thatnotmines,yes this cack is yours.change your screen name to Thatismines.
  9. Thatsnotmines-You like cack,i bet you got your pussy lips blue instead of having blue balls.Im going to tea bag you once i get out from the gym and my nuts are all sweaty salty just for you.Im going to slap dem on your eyes and then your going to tell me "Im blind" then Im going to say "Its only my over grown meat balls".Pm me if you want to get tea baged or if you just want me to wiggle my finger in your butthole.
  10. Thatsnotmine- Pay your taxes to Me or else you will get hauled to jail with your kankles and wrists tied like a pig with them cuffs.Im warning you I see your ugly stock cap doodles that you learned in the lil Yellow bus back pack wearing group.
  11. Mamamela go and get your shoe shine box and spit shine my cack bitch.You thought I was going to say my shoes,nope my cack.I heard your the best on your team,take one for the team,my lil hoe.
  12. oh fuck you Thatsnotmines,pay me those taxes from 2007-2010 or else your punk ass is going to Elmwood for not paying your dues,Just go to HNR Block and pay Your Daddy (me) what you owe for painting on my blocks. niggah bitch.
  13. This is not Felt or Cheap,This Shalo.Whats up now motha fuckas.You know the drill cough up your streaks and cans because the big bow wow is back in town (SHALO).To all you toy I going to make you pay taxes for hittting any spot in San Jose,I own this city.Mayor Shalo,here to tax fools
  14. Get well soon Doper (Ironman).Like I said next time hopefully your "big dawgs" homies will help out.Instead of being crowd control.ppssssss.
  15. This Felt not Cheap,Now whats up Telos I see your on here again bitch.Keep on hitting them sketch book it will make you famous you and your googlie eyes.KIF for life.Kifers Frisk,Felt.What up now bitches.
  16. This guys so tuf he hides behind his screen name.pow bitch i gotcha.
  17. This is Cheap what up bitch you got funk mother fucken bitch I aint going to hide anymore.Whats up! Nows who hiding bitch,spit your name out.Lets do this punk ass bitch.To fucken scared to do it.Yeah,Yeah, thought so and what,to all you mother fuckers I had enuf.Run up or shut up.Cheap 1 niggaaaaaaaaah.
  18. There so many toys in here except for me.Im the King of San Jose.Straight up RX crew.We taking niggas out like catfish in Tracy`s rivers.You know the drill mutha fucka you pay all the way til the end.This aint nothing I got mutha fuckas running for there lives,thinking what should they do next.WkT Ofa aint shit,straight up smell like a dead bitches body and they found the bitch on her period with no pad.Now what,what,what,niggah dont blink.-TheDemons 7:77
  19. Hey Zack are you having a cock sleep over.Hey are you all going to sleep on the same bed and all of you are going to sleep facing toward the left with no underwear on.Hey thats some fag shit.
  20. Hey I was typing here and you cut me off.Hey next time you do that i will smash your dome and make it lop sided okay you lop.Hey what ever happened to Bitch Gay Suckas? - TheRecorder
  21. Hey I highly doubt any of you have got any pussy this week.Hey I believe that these new kids that are starting to write are following to much of them graff dvds and thinking they could get down like them.Hey Dont try this at home toys. Hey Im TheMaker and TheDemons long time friend so you better respect or get checked.-TheRecorder
  22. Omg im hella shaking your Simer the fucken toy and dropout.hahaha weak sauce from Taco Bell (Mild).Well just to let you know your shit will be getting hacked soon.And fuck Amc and any other fucken crew your in.Plus this aint Joser,Its your buddy Out Hacking.We rule this city and beyond.Fuck you and your family,nikkagah and what! -TheDemons 7:77
  23. why you putting me on blast ,niggah you know the street rules.What do you right bitch made,you mutha fucka you.? fuck this pm me mutha fucka "NOW"!!.I mean biz.-TheMaker 510/TheDemons 7:77
  24. An sucks my balls for free.Wkt are a bunch of lames fucks that just fucked up.Merry X-mas and Happy New Year.R10 is on top of there game.Hoorah - TheDemon 7:77
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