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  1. actually you are wrong you fucken dumb bitch.! its both,I 100% believe that.did you fucks know that lords was a bombing crew and pieceing crew back in the past when they started then it became a pieceing crew,then they broke up started twb and some went to lords,tfl,love,life,looc,then back to bombing,then a semi piecer crew,then now a lay back crew getting dissed the fuck out by them R10 kats.just because a crew has been out for decades does not mean every mutha fucker has to bow down and respect them.fuck that shit,we in the new age of graff,you dont need to be a follower and keep doing your thang.also shut the fuck up with this "oh they been out for decades",man fuck that who gives a shit.to me if your going to be out for decades then keep on pushing it til you cant anymore,these fucks take hella breaks,more then a lazy nigger on his 1st day at work.quantity and quality,stupid nigger.Oh and I want to give a shout out to Manos,now what bitch!!,lmao.cant keep up .you had all that fire when you 1st got in now your a dud.- TheDemons 7:77
  2. to the lords,Karma is a bitch,ain`t it.hahahaha-TheDemons 7:77
  3. stak can suck my hairy curly balls and put marinera sauce on them.fuck nyc and fuck tfp you stupid fuckos.dont give a shit of his wacked shit and crew.as a matter of fact who ever started this thread you can lick my four skin after i stick in your moist tight lil butt hole.thank you -TheDemons 7:77
  4. fuck those damn wannabe oldschool flicks,i got older shit in my vault then all you fucken wetbacks and niggers.bitch! - TheDemons 7:77
  5. Fuck stak tfp ( Never ever heard of his punk ass)?.Bump Stak from SF all the way.You lil crybaby bitch made sucka.wah wah,fucken snot nose kid,go wipe your ass with your writing hand,fuck face.-TheDemons 7:77
  6. fuck jolt,jerry,nick and buckbang.suck my cack,you fucken followers.lmao.lick my asshole jejeje - TheDemons 7:77
  7. fuck you James from OinkLtd.com lick my balls with some Mr.Black ink on them.Jerry you sucked his nuts for him to do chicken scratch in your book.wow,what a cock sucker you are :) -TheDemons 7:77
  8. lmao.no response to my questions and opitions,wow you guys fallen off big time.las putas Lordettes - TheMaker 510 Tennyson
  9. Girafa is stupid dumb white boy,he is whacked so to all you kids stop nobbing on his dick.He did nothing but dumb Girafa characters,his styles were whacked.Plus what you guys didn`t know that he didn`t do everything by himself there were other people that helped him.Come on everybody knows that.You mutha fuckas are zombies when it comes down to Graffiti.Open your eyes,look really close at all the Girafas most of them look different.I love his mugshot,did you see how ugly and scared the fucken piece of shit "Red Neck for Life" looked.jejejeje - TheDemons 7:77
  10. This is TheMaker speaking,hahahahahaha.You fuckers thought you were going to stay untouched.Look at what R10 is doing to all your shit.jejeje You deserve it for being cockie mother fucker.Take the pain and watch all your shit get dissed.Poor babies,I see you ain`t doing shit back,wow and you call yourselves Legends.lmao.-TheMaker 510
  11. What you dont get, my lil sidebusta,is if this happened to you! Wouldnt you be pissed that your boys didnt jump in to help you.What a tight family it is,that your own crew is watching you take down fools and there doing crowd control.lol.You werent there so keep your mouth shut and go suck a dick.As for me with the Doper thang,the dude didnt deserve to watch his dawgs do nathan,when everything was going down.It has happened in the past and will go on into the future,when Lords wont help there fam again.I aint trying to brainwash anybody,I`m just telling the straight facts.You must be from Lords too,ahh how cute,does the truth hurt.Well fuck you!,Let it be known what I said really went down and thats the staright truth.Aint no front here,nigga.Just move along before I call those same pussies from lords that where there to do crowd control again.lol.This will be my last post.Any questions or if you just want to chat pm me bitches."Pow baby,now what bitch" - TheDemons 7:77
  12. Maybe I should write a book about your face on how ugly it is.lmao.Fuck you bitch ass square niggah.jejeje - TheDemons 7:77
  13. Wow,cool old pictures.I would love to see up to date pictures please or illegals.lol.Now were I`m getting at lil fella is why hasn`t any action taken place for the Doper incident,since you all are high and mighty.lol.No revenge since there is a whole bunch of you kats every where that are supposbly down.You can even say "yeah we are pussies for not doing shit about the Doper incident".That is my fucken problem,bitch.I dont care about Nesta or any of your other punk ass made kats.If you are a true Lord you would answer my question.What are you going to do to them kats that did your boy wrong and stood there watched him get jumped? I could mention names but we all know the cowards that just stood there and watched there homie fight like a fucken champ till he got overwhelmed.So now Nesta,since your up everywhere,Why in the fuck you ain`t handling bizness? Sit down and think about that Oh Mighty Lord Bitch Made.lmao.- TheDemons 7:77
  14. Keep on looking up to your Lords crew and watch the bay area chapter do alot of work like they have been.lmao lmao.They fell off along time ago not to mention It looks like everybody that gets into Lords on there 1st couple of years they smash then they just give it up and let you dumb folks jock them.lol.Sorry to tell you but these kats aint coming back (talking about the Yay area chapter).Boooo you boys yes boys are selling wolf tickets.Good luck trying to find there shit around.I aint hating just telling the truth.Doper is a true Lord. - TheDemons 7:77
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