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  1. thats because you dont put a "jk" after you post....sorry....but ill hang whats up
  2. http://www.wtvr.com/news/wtvr-graffiti-art-in-richmond-123010,0,7816142.story
  3. i'll be your friend..... <embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' salign='l' flashvars='&titleAvailable=true&playerAvailable=true&searchAvailable=false&shareFlag=N&singleURL=http://wtvr.vidcms.trb.com/alfresco/service/edge/content/18abc400-fa44-463b-be9b-5cf10df97e82&propName=wtvr.com&hostURL=http://www.wtvr.com&swfPath=http://wtvr.vid.trb.com/player/&omAccount=triblocaltvglobal&omnitureServer=wtvr.com' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' menu='true' name='PaperVideoTest' bgcolor='#ffffff' devicefont='false' wmode='transparent' scale='showall' loop='true' play='true' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer' quality='high' src='http://wtvr.vid.trb.com/player/PaperVideoTest.swf' align='middle' height='450' width='300'></embed>
  4. lets refrain from name calling were all entitled to our opinions
  5. dont get me wrong i love throw ups but thats all i see here.....and very few are actually good....yours are ok
  6. its like shitting...but out your mouth...kinda like when people ask stupid questions...
  8. i wish i had 400.....no i wish i had more
  9. someone post some of my shit......no promo
  10. big baby gee is right...and if you cant comprehend that your a fucking idiot ...shut the fuck up and do what he says or i'll kill you.....not really........but maybe
  11. Im going to be honest, I dont do graffiti. Don't really care for it. I come on 12oz To get schooled on grammer. Thank you mr. WongBurger. Im going TO the store. I ate TOO much pussy last night. I think i got it down now.
  12. does anyone want to paint my girlfriends ass? im to toy to do that type a shit maybe catch a hollow on her tits?
  13. i fucks wit dat skrew wit them faces....take notes kids if you wanna add character then add a face....
  14. this! ha ha ha and i paint with spray cans so you all better use brushes or crayons
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