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  2. decent page....but damn stop recycling...tired of seeing the same shit
  3. i would of rather they responded ....and i didnt take it personal at all, but it seemed like you did.
  4. actually i am retarded....and why you so defensive?
  5. not hating or anything just curious.....why does some sigh shit look good and other sigh shit look extremely toy? and when i say extremely toy i mean fucking horrible... does he have a split personality?
  6. hollow fills iz dat new ish...i dont think they ready.....
  7. rebars handstyles are better than alot of pieces i see on here.... never get tired of seeing them more rebar hands! cause that otha shit wack
  8. i wanna be in sud..where do i sign up?
  9. rebar is pretty original.... name and style wise....his hand was nice and his pieces didnt look like every one elses shit in richmond
  10. elaborate...and so what if police show up
  11. how come richmond dont be having no graff events...this city is gay
  12. c'mon dot dot dot dot dot an end to end can only mean end to end anything else is nameless....paint around the numbers stop be lazy...not calling you lazy just saying in general
  13. no didnt even catch that...i just thought that tree looked familiar
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