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  1. bader put his time in on the street, not doing only legal walls. he isnt 'scared'. he hasnt done much illegal graf the last couple of years, since he is now an established tattoo artist in NYC.
  2. for what its worth, here are a couple more of the original grafantasy pieces on canvas
  3. nothing is photoshopped. nothing was done on a computer. the first images i posted are from the grafantasy series i did with him, he airbrush painted directly onto the canvas photos. the second batch of images i posted are walls he has hit in NYC and cancun, all done with a spraycan. he is a writer, i am a photographer with an idea. i have no intention of affecting the graf scene in a negative aspect.
  4. i'm shocked. bader has got mad respect in brooklyn where he has been painting for over 10 years. he grew up in mexico, where his father, Mosh, was one of the first to bring graffii there in the 70's. to each his own i guess, you all are entitled to your opinions.
  5. i beg to differ. during our one month gallery show, we sold 6 of the 7 originals. they were priced at $400. the print version of the first image is $40, an edition of 30, and are more than half-way sold out.
  6. seriously? he's got insane talent. why the harsh words?
  7. hell yes he is. deuce is a friend of mine, his first solo NYC show is coming up on may 15th in brooklyn. Secret Project Robot 210 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
  8. i came up with the idea a few months ago, and it turned into a one month gallery show at upperplayground/zerofriends NYC from feb 13th to mar 13th. the best buildings in nyc, graf writers can never hit, like the empire state building, madison square garden. i had my photos printed up 28" x 40" on canvas, then Bader airbrushed and spraypainted on them. we sold 6 of the 7 originals at the gallery show, and now i have prints available of one of the images. full info, pics, and ordering information for the print is on http://www.GRAFantasy.com let me hear your feedback
  9. Bader, born in mexico, now based out of brooklyn with 2WK crew. heres one on a wall near his place in brooklyn more of his work and the collab that he and i did together can be seen on www,GRAFantasy.com
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