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  1. Hey jerrybrudos you post too much brah.. this isn't twitter.
  2. facepalm.jpeg It's pathetic these kids don't know when they are being made fun of, I mean sarcasm is not always easy to see online but c'mon!! Oh and dbzkid your name is tyte br0, I bet you tag hella clean.
  3. Pics or it didnt happen! Haha nah I belive you. Your straight keep up the good work.
  4. Hey Pedro why were you visiting an EX? Did you get some loving at least?
  5. "Line of complaint here" now back to the reposts and smart ass coments.
  6. I just wanna take this time to let W3RM83 know that I appreciate your comments in this thread. That is all. Carry on. Nh
  7. Touché my caucasian amigo touché.
  8. SHL did you not read nezmos post, your supposed to pm BOBBY_SHAW to set it up too. PS the trick is to never pm him then act hard because no pm's were exchanged.
  9. Idk that ITP krew is making some noise they might move up the rankings. *End Sarcasm*
  10. I'm not even sure if I should believe adek came to salinas after seeing some wannabe cope2 or "coupe" and skuf throws.
  11. Any flicks of the stuff next to that kase?
  12. Did Yerb seriously throw up wiz khalifa and J. Cole?
  13. I think it's irrelevant writing "no diss" next to a piece when you go over it with something wack. Especially if it's a throw up.
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