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  1. Living in a city and knowing any writers is wack..ups to everyone painting. Seen some dope new stuff, I should flick it..
  2. Damn the Big Island looks dope, ain't been there yet...
  3. While I am on here though: If something's old Kater don't cap em k later 12oz is over rated anyway.
  4. I will say this: Eat LF is part of HI history, hell LF is for sure part of HI history, stop the hate and eat some cake mang.
  5. There is a hyper too but I am lazy.
  6. That Ketol is proper, straight letters and simples.
  7. Sometimes I enjoy max toneys posts haha
  8. bump scan, really well rounded writer.
  9. Bringin the whips back! That's whats up.
  10. lol slackin on my Cartoon Knowledge game.
  11. That Float and Ashes. Fun Fact: Ashes missed a little force on the S, guess it happens to the better writers as well.
  12. Seen these Paco Face throwies pretty cool
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