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  1. Anyone have that flick of that Roids that has that horror style theme to it, think it's like straight up on a sidewalk on a wooden wall
  2. Haight street all the waaaaaaay
  3. lol god no, those guys on the show are fucking ridiculously retarded
  4. me and a big group of friends made thursday nights official jersey shore nights, where we meet up at someones house, play beer pong and watch it at the same time, while trying to act like them. Shit is hilarious
  5. i really really want to, i have a shit ton of work to do.. so pretty true.. tpbm just met a pretty well rounded girl
  6. yeah life is lookin good right now, minus some school work... tpbm has seen their favorite movie more than 5 times
  7. yeah this was going on for like two months then it randomly stopped. Fuck did i hate that feeling haha
  8. hmm... dunno if this counts as on OBE or anything, but i remember as a kid, i'd have these dreams sometimes where like, it felt like the middle of my back was on a pole or some shit, and i'd wake up with my back arched and shit with my chest in the air, that shit hurt too lol
  9. true, guitar tpbm lives somewhere thats hot outside
  10. i have no fucking clue what the hell that is lol, so true? tpbm has a low rider bike
  11. granted, but they will all turn into cops/feds since they are so smart. i wish i had a new phone, god damn
  12. yeah i am, low on cash money, and paintin is itchin... tpbm paints with their left hand and draws with their right
  13. false, i hardly watch flicks unless it's something i know that i would dig tpbm loves mexican food on sundays
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