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  1. that sofles is so insane. looking at it up close drives me insane, trying to figure out how many colors and fades go into one little section......its too much, my head hurts
  2. dosnt kulo mean butthole in spanish?
  3. I hear raer buys all his paint. What a fagget!!!
  4. Re: this wannabe splif running with bats not saying i dont believe you but lets see some flicks. i cant say i've seen flicks
  5. growin' up in poverty goin' down in history.
  6. dressing like Eazy E every day takes so much time out of my day that i have no time not to be an ignorant garbage head motherfucker.. Lifes hard though from my santa cruz hood I shouldnt complain..
  7. im such a local i never step off my skateboard...that means no time for fixed gear bikes.... my pants hang off my ass and i have 15 cigarettes in my mouth..
  8. wierd coincidence but janine called the tattoo shop i work at last week. she said she just got out of jail and her live-in rehab requires that hss has a job so she wanted to get hired as the counter girl. serious shit. we were triping out. she was like "if you wanna see what i look like go to www......." we checked it and it sure was her. she had been in jail for meth in oregon but she swore she was clean now. true story
  9. i know right. and look at the amaze. back then everyone was biting the awr shit(not that they still dont) but 10 years later and eveyone is trying to do shit like the amaze now. way ahead of his time
  10. i coulda said something about all the sweet stars on your belly. calm down
  11. could you post your prison tAts again? we didnt get the fact that you been locked up the first 3 times you posted them
  12. you should try getting one from a chick. its way better
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