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  1. didn't know kwote was from San Francisco
  2. oh word forum comin back? all yall not to busy with instagram? cool for posting pics tho, thanks diabetuss69696969696969696969696969696969696969!!
  3. every other week or so, microwaves can get nasty with all the food splaters and smells.
  4. i clean my microwave by putting a bowl of water with a few cut up lemmons in it ,put it on 5 mins , leave it in for a good 2 min or so let it get all steamed up then wipe it out. repeat this process with a cap full of white vinigar to the mix if you still got some funky food smells in there still.
  5. i just use it to grab the passwords for facebook email etc.
  6. install a key logger program on your girls computer even if you trust her..
  7. This looks cool ,not even kidding. i dont keep mine loaded but i always keep slugs close by. http://www.the-backup.com - BEDSIDE GUN RACK
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