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  1. angry_xbox - Replied Dec 15, 2002

    yo an update ..... so i was chillin wit her tonight watching some reruns of american idol she has taped (she said i look like justin lol) and i was mad pimpin in my style. yo she looked damn good to, had a nice floor length skirt on with some sweater thing .. shit was mad tight. anyways, so i think she may be down for something!!!!



    if it's floor-length, then it's not a skirt anymore. it's a dress.

  2. I have Lyme disease. the deer ticks came from white footed mice who are carriers. NOT ALL THE TIME WILL YOU GET THE BULLSEYE RASH. I did not have one. I started having trouble walking, I was limping everywhere and one morning i woke up and had an intense sharp pain in my knee that locked up so bad I needed to get a cane to help get around. Getting tested is the only way to know. it wasn't that expensive, this way if you know you can get antibiotics to take care of it. It will always be dormant in your system, but not nearly as bad.


    There's a great movie with Alec Baldwin called Lymelife. check it out. Stay safe out there everybody.

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  3. Thanks for sharing toiletseat, you're always appreciated here. POZ very eloquent description of real things and how to begin to deal with them. I've been struggling the last couple of weeks, actin a fool. I picked up some more work shifts to keep occupied and make money since i spent so much. I'm staying sober tonight, working on some personal projects, creative things i can make and sell and get some satisfaction naturally. I've still been sewing, which is very relaxing and a great way to deal with stress. I feel it kind of lets an overactive mind relax staying focused on a task. Stay up everyone.

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