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  1. Let me rephrase. I have a buddie. He lives in northern cali. He has a facebook. On this facebook he has an album titled bench. usually when they say bench they benched them themselves. I seen these 3 flicks. I posted them. Now they are on the louisville thread. (how he got them is beyond me and clearly i dont give a fuck). WORD
  2. My buddie caught these rollin in northern cali. Thought id share them.
  3. Shows how some people look for shit to start. And look foolish doing it.:)
  4. Damn these fools must have the 12oz app on their iphone or somthing That wasp on the family lines looks good props.
  5. I was making fun of page 175 with that post smartass. I wasnt beig foreal.
  6. Quality 1.Dark 2.Mines 3.Sarge Quanity 1.Dark 2.coup 3.Seaper Getting up(as of past year or so) 1.Dark 2.Binge 3.Ioweyou 4.kamel Handstyles 1.akae 2.vibes 3.Jigl Just my opinion That was kind of fun actually. Word on the flicks the last couple pages
  7. At the bluebird during the keller williams concert.
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