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  1. I haven't even touched it yet. Haha, I haven't sketched much of anything lately; working all week and playing Paintball on the weekends.
  2. Decy with the bangers! Nice work, man.
  3. Holy page rape! I'm lucky Chuck Norris didn't come and kick my ass for stealing his bandwidth while loading this friggin' page!!! And yes, I suggest you go simpler with your work.
  4. I suppose I should sketch sometime soon, huh? I haven't had the time lately, but I think I'll make time.
  5. Isn't that...what I just said? :p
  6. PHERE, don't listen to anybody who hates on your work. I personally love the way it looks, and I probably always will. In total honesty, I'm jealous of your skill and your style. Keep up the good work, man. KELE: That one's alright, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I've seen you do so much better before, so this one isn't my favorite. Keep it up though, man. SYST: Watch the widths of your letters. Try to keep them relatively the same, and not have spots wider than that of the rest. Also, try to re-design your T. I personally don't like the way that it connects to the S. As far as that handstyle though, it's not bad for a starter simple. Keep it up. Ah, that's all I got in me at the moment. I'm really burnt today.
  7. I think I'd have to agree with that statement...
  8. Yeah, I agree. VIEL, that shit's bangin' homie.
  9. Johnneh...You used my name. :(
  10. Not diggin' that one too much, VIEL.
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