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  1. Another one im working on defo need more practice at this shit.
  2. The cheesy looking character to the right was meant to be M Bison from Street fighter.He looks more like little a Nazi retard,Ive a new found respect for anyone who can draw cartoon illustrations it takes some serious talent.
  3. Saw this in dublin yesterday
  4. Nice stuff on this page lads.Id like to see some more of that Lean 2 stuff as well its pretty kool.
  5. like this 1 ^handstyles kool too
  6. Yep I get that allot as well,I find if u get a separate page and a ball point pen then do loads of tiny quick 1 min sketches keep doing it over and over again trying different flows styles and then when u see a flow u like transfer it to you blackbook or a wall or whatever.Could also just be having a bad day it happens.
  7. Holy fuck!Siem and Juse!
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