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  1. There's better shit going on in sf then stupid Dan plazma. Tired of hearing about it. He's not even a toy, u have to write to be a toy. He's a fucking shitty artist. Draw dicks and drop tags on hes shit and keep it moving! Just my thoughts
  2. Hahaha that dumbfuck does it to himself you dumb bastard. Fuck you guys are moronic
  3. putyouonblast


    Hahahahaha man you're stupid. orfn (the real one) kills shit a hundred fold whatever your dumbass friend does. Orfns in a shit ton of magazines has been around hella long and respected all over the map. But the funniest thing of all, is that orfn us WAS IN DEF 20 YEARS AGO before it was tdm and you were in diapers hahaha. Also, all those pictures are of chill spots, you goon lol
  4. what the fuck are you talking about? thats a pretty serious thing to say and you should be ready to act accordingly if you really are making such a claim. also if you're too fucking stupid to read between the lines, no i never have nor will snitch. also im alive haha. p.s. my apologies for clogging your guy's thread with stupid drama bullshit blah blah blah, i tried to pm this guy but i guess you cant once their banned. peace to amc
  5. You can tell he used painters tape hahaha
  6. to let them know the world hates them
  7. and why make your own thread kind os gay just share a photo bucket with each other the leader of your crew got banned for posting his garbage in every thread the jokes of sj but hysu doesnt get it
  8. have u seen us please notice us we need recognition really bad
  9. The toyest thing in graffiti is when ur on 12oz and say "pm me" grow balls pm them first please stop clogging forums. Talking shit doesn't resolve anything or look cool I know I'm being a hypocrite just a public service announcement. Kaythxbye
  10. Hi i write DearPiper,StupidLetter 1
  11. cool story glad you shared it with the world wide web
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