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  1. naw gun play for soft booty asses....learn how to throw them bows. or catch em wit a buck 50 son...run up get done up!


    hey i never said i use guns...just sayin' that's how the original saying went.



    but i'm all down for throwing elbows and knees....let a bitch run up!

  2. Hatin..then jockin..


    Nigga u said in the sketch thread u were like 17 or something...how many sivel and page collabos u seen nigga?



    I learned graffiti from the internet lookin ass nigga


    haha this guy...i'm not one to argue over the internet, but no one is hating....i have my own opinions. i made that lil comment because i thought it was funny how everyone was talking about old-school writers who got down and then dude comes in and starts giving props to some new jacks. and yea i may be young but age has nothing to do with it

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