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  1. so my friend's girlfriend has a drug test coming up on thursday

    last weekend we cooked up a half ounce into some brownies and ate them

    she doesn't smoke on the regular or anything so i told her she'll be fine

    just said to drink a lot of water/cranberry juice to piss out the thc


    she should be good, no?




    maybe. tell her to drink a lot of water, but not too much, and to excercise a lot. since thc gets stored in the fatty cells, if she burns fat = she burns leftover thc in her system.

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  2. shit son, for a bunch of potheads, shit is getting pretty rowdy up in here, haha.


    i have to smoke outside as i'm the only smoker in my house.


    which also means that now its winter, rockin' the blunt is becoming an uncomfortable and hazard ridden task.


    that said, some good weed, a vanilla wrap and a mug of hot chocolate can easily make my late night smoking missions pretty enjoyable. plus there is something to be said about burning the days stress off whilst sitting under the stars.




    i feel you on this, for me it's way too cold in the chi to be sparking up outside in this type of weather...

  3. He was talking about his own city, mellow out yellow.

    Do you know what the medicinal stuff is like in Cali? Because If you don't, shut up.

    Your rants are pointless and unfunny.



    no shit, i am well aware that he was talking about his own city, cali. and as a matter of fact, i know exactly what the 'medicinal stuff' is like there. my rants may be pointless and i really don't care, but no one's trying to be funny here....just being myself. get off my case now and somebody please close this thread already.

  4. well atleast in cali, the "medical bud" is shit.. it might get you high, but it feels more like a chemical high than anything and it becomes a dependency.. what happened to good old cannabis??.. fuck "medical marijuana" its bullshit.


    look what we have here, another dumb ass. lol. first off, there's no such thing as "medical bud". bud is bud. the only difference with the "medical bud" is that is is legal. and the herb you can get from the dispensaries, is some FLAME....trust me. as far as "chemical high" goes, you're a fucking idiot for saying that and just gave me a decent laugh. thanks.



    "ephect" definitely does not know what's up...

  5. To the dude who made this thread:


    I think you're a fucking idiot, seriously. if you are already a loser and you decide to start smoking pot, then you are just going to be A LOSER WHO SMOKES POT! Marijuana doesn't make an idiot smarter or a better person. Another thing, quit your "i'm addicted to smoking weed" act because you sound ridiculous. There are no withdraw symptoms when you don't smoke weed, in other words, it is physically impossible to become addicted to marijuana!!!! You can have a mental addiction, but then again, you can be mentally addicted to anything, i.e. drinking coffee, playing with yourself, making sandwiches, etc! If you don't like the person you are, than you shouldn't be smoking in the first place..



    p.s. i find it funny how some people on this thread are all like "yeah i quit my 10 year weed habit the other day" and later go on to say how they are still drinking heavily. or you have those people who say "i don't do drugs", yet they have a beer and a cigarette in each hand. isn't it kind of funny how all the worst drugs are the legal ones?

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