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  1. hmmm i almost lik this. your gttign th bars down. just n33d to mak3 it mor consistant. I dont prsonally lik your "S" but it kind of works with th othr l3tt3rs. so i rally think that squar3 "O" might b3 th3 odd on3 out. I think its too straight in comparison to th othr l3tt3rs/ but othr wis3 your3 on th right track i rckon. k33p drawing man. Well firstly. i lik the style but its almost illegible. I can see it says acena. But it basically just looks lik ooooo to me. Also, your quotation mark doo dads arent th best.
  2. oops sorry these kind of massive lol almost minished need to tidy up a little but i was happy. looks like a satireish inspired piece at the bottom and the top is a style i developed from the name ruck with help from guys here. mixtape cover for dude. and a freak tribute if hes still around, thanks for the help hope i didnt fuck up ya style too much lol.
  3. Not liking the E on the bottom one but those are solid deos.
  4. Last page is legit as ever. Nice work to everyone.
  5. hand drawn computer ish, tried to get wilder.
  6. Celo graff. bah hahaha, i dont know if thats sad or ingenious. either way i love the creativity of those cats. Jackie, Yeah youre too good for the toy thread. hah :) that shits clean. Kluse, try some more without serifs. also make all your letters the same height for now. You almost did but there are bits of your sketch that go above or below the top of the other letters. Imagine youre graffing between 1b5 paper or something. tits. i think you may benefit from some less addons, but youre getting the idea. I thought it said SNOE, at first, the add ons make your letters lose form. also that arrow is wiggity whack, but the composition works in my eyes. Thought i might as well post this. Computer graff.. so its impossible for me to fuck up my bar widths.. but on a side note i drew the vectors myself based off of computer images. and that crappy RB throw up. also note this is just a mock up and is no where near a final piece of graphic design.
  7. Youre getting the idea bowl. Those looks not too bad. widths are pretty consistent. mainly i like the underground ones. i do think you may need to tone down the extensions. youre close to understanding them, but not quite. Keep trying though. Also that canvas green simple where the J and E mirror each other. I like that one. I got a similar ruck spaceship style. stay droppin.
  8. Those are looking much better fire storm, good work. Consistant bars, and even with your stylie ones you stay pretty consistant, ie, big on top, small on bottom.
  9. a and b shadow is fucked up. but the keyboard simples are the way to go. youre heading in the rigjt direction. just keep drawing till it becolmes 2nd nature.
  10. oh man, i just came. those last images posted are sexy
  11. That wu joint is tight, They all are. Also Sats last piece is hot too. I like the 2nd ache posted. and the rest is super fly too.
  12. True Simp nasty simp Tried to get wilder on true. still working on that. Havent inked anything in awhile. Just banging out some freestylish outlines. Need to do some tidier. Good work on the alpha bet. R is a little beat but the crits^^ up there are what you need to do, keep working on it.,
  13. Im a digital artist now more than a pen and paper guy. But i still rock that paper before i take it to the digi art.
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