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  1. WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN FLICKS??? but on another note major respect to MFK for holdin' it the fuck down...crew spots are banging...and that 2buck roller is fire as well.











  2. Isn't the mountain one stolen? I think I've seen it before.


    I may have posted the mountain one before, didnt remember so i thought id throw it in the post. its also on my flickr, flickr.com/visualkrimes

    and i can dig the focus comment on the fire pic, hopefully will have a few more and better ones like it here soon.

  3. I think it's more than the panning, like, in your shot the whole the background is blurred,

    but the freight is equally sharp - as doodle's car at f/22 should be.

    Only explaination to me is that the (sharp) wheel is steady on the ground,

    while the rest os the car swings / bounces a little bit.



    Also nice stuff porra, thanks for sharing.



    CaughtYou - I don't really understand your question.


    just with regards to camera type and format, i used to use a pentax me-super, but do not own it anymore and would like to branch out with other things...so for someone who has been away from film for a while. what would be good to use to get back into the swing of things??

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