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  1. Add me to the pre-order list please.
  2. @PurpleNerpleI wish your website still worked. I used to spend days on that site back in like 2005. You had an amazing collection of pics. Shout out to the old 12OZ crew on here that still appears every once in awhile.
  3. Taken back in 2009 Def been long enough to start recycling them.
  4. Can't believe this thread still exists!
  5. Been on an abandoned theme park kick recently. Just reading up on all the history. RIP to all the Katrina Victims almost 10 years ago. Unfinished HARSH
  6. Holy shit. What year is that? It's crazy that you can see The Chrysler and Pan Am (MetLife) buildings that clearly from there. Think of all the other skyscrapers that havent been built yet; CitiCorp, Sony Wonder, The GM building, Trump Tower, etc. I'd guess this is in the early 70's.
  7. I like what those people who took those pics were up too
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