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  1. Which one of you is 'DONT TASE ME BRO!' on Flickr?
  2. Post examples then. I think you need to draw for the Dictionary.com
  3. Hello ladies. Quick question -- do any Detroit taggers write ambidextrously? And at the same time.
  4. From today: Dave, do your own thing: What's the deal with these? Been seing similar ones with slight variations:
  5. Thanks, you saved me all that work.
  6. A Grand Truck/CN worker befriended me after I called him over to ask some questions. Not sure what he does, I will ask, but he seems to work with the driver to add more freight cars. He's never seen someone painting but see cans all the time. His co-worker writes and takes pics on the job. Some of the workers are very into the graffiti, others hate it with a passion, and some don't notice it at all. He did say hew knew several co-workers that write but didn't know what names.
  7. Someone was on Toy Patrol in Greektown today. This VOMIT has been there for a couple months (?) Sometime this afternoon: This was next to the VOMIT: More:
  8. Front page story's gallery, photo #22 http://freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=C4&Date=20100410&Category=NEWS&ArtNo=4100805&Ref=PH&Params=Itemnr=22 Full Story: http://www.freep.com/article/20100411/BUSINESS04/4110475/1318/Matty-Moroun-and-Detroit
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