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  1. Methinks nazis just be excommunicated super jews.
  2. From Unexpected Guests "...cursing cats at a nazi rap label, oops..." haha
  3. KaBar Has Stray Cat Julie ever given the skinny on teaching English in Korea?
  4. Learner

    Metal Ties

    both the above pictures have Pandrol clips. only seen those on temp track in the local yard and at switches, bridges, tunnels, or other atypical way sections. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_fastening_system http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railroad_tie http://www.flickr.com/photos/38817306@N03/
  5. rivers would seem to be another effective means of transport if someone was trying to go south in the northern hemisphere, generally speaking. they are probably just as hot as trains though. at least for anyone using them for a free means of transport.
  6. from J-Toth Ghostwhirl what a messy fuss it happens to the best of us Love/hate to raise the heart rate up to your chest to bust and leave you with just enough stress to cuss ooh trouble, two’s a couple, three’s treacherous and got you open like the high seas hoping like deez for the squeeze on live G’s…jive turkeys they lucky if they survive the depths of hell, it’s murky jerky, come on work with me see how she’s twerking the skirt with tits perky a flirt with a smirk that could body you in one shot glance and let ‘em rot, I’m like, “not a chance, hot pants!” run feet, and keep from off front street that sizzle like the blunt heat with business that’s for under sheets creep on secret missions, peep it or else be in some deep shit, with more fishes to sleep with.
  7. Sniper Elite off an EP from the late Dilla To the head The new June moon shootin on a blue lagoon Shoot as DOOM zooms in on a platoon Z-zing! Sniper Elite Swipe em off his feet on this type of heat beat Stranger on a solo misflow dolo Paid. Played the position by the poles glow Heard it on the TV promo Swear it ain't me in the P.E. Logo Remote control in his overcoat Polo Go for broke get the dough, float on the go-go Hopes and praise out of phase with the... straight through the middle Crews hate the new riddle, too... late too little Operation Doomsday complete On the Jump street dump the heat Vil One shot, one kill Spotted him, got his off the top, done deal Spill your guts, they say they said the Don dead good You could ask the dread in your hood or John Ed Wood The truth is in the verse not on the bottle bottom Black devils is the worst, first you gotta spot em Ain't never get stuck on their boats And don't give a fuck if he gettin their votes At most he may exchange pleasantries Really don't go for the sex change energies Or Ben 'n' Jerry's berries Friends with make pretend fairies Who take men's cherries Just don't boycott his shit The fake first amendment Foils the plot, mischievous midget making any bit of sense of this is boggling. DOOM may even refer to that in the song Crews hate the new riddle, too... late too little is he just off in another dimension via trees? if you aren't as well its too late too little?
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