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  1. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: Ummm...^^^
  2. Aka.. theyll all kiss and make up yall watch.. Shadows.. old news. Do your homework. Still dope though..
  3. Or move to a bigger city for awhile. haha! The same shit does NOT apply the way it does in the ville, and your quick to get called out runnin your mouth. Best beleive dat playa! The shit you learn! The shit you learn!
  4. Smoke weed then fuck women..
  5. bump this thread shits hott.
  6. Whos to the right of the dekoz peice? Props by the way.
  7. Thats all I caught. Sorry for any double posts I was in a hurry and some flicks i didnt mean to post in there. Dont have the time to edit.
  8. Dudes gettin up.. aint gonna lie..
  9. Scud. Yeah.. thats just bullshit. They were probably like 17 year old kids too, no respect. Jealousy prolly plays a role in that one as well. Like I say with client's that bitch at work.. Fuck em. Let em hate. Thing is the pussys didnt even write their name.
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