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  1. old redneck tourists at the ocean front gargle my balls cevs aest pork and the rest of the mtcats
  2. agreed that shit is fire, stay positive fant ive seen you overcome more than anyody else i know
  3. hey f u man i just bought your langster
  4. DAAAAMN man, that dahm repae whole car caught the buff? bump those dudes for that car though amen kerse sumoe ahem envys
  5. avert sigh jerx and that dose grainer is tight
  6. daaaaamn stolens? or gold mine?
  7. im pretty sure that jake is on a wall unless theres some particle board freights rollin around that i didnt know about
  8. i dont know about yall, but SF graff hasnt crossed my mind since fuckin piece by piece, get a fuckin job people
  9. yo shoot me a text or somethin i forgot to save your number, did you still come up last night?
  10. nah man youve got it all wrong, pork started the swine flu epidemic
  11. word envys on the chantilly cryo
  12. 10 years might be an exaggeration but it was a long time ago i saw prolly 2 tags and have ever seen anything else from dude since
  13. i remember seein icepick tags at the beach prolly 10 years ago
  14. bump reba and must movin thru cities
  15. "before you talk shit, you better know the hearts of the niggas you walk with" words to live by
  16. wow ive heard manassas get called alotta things but never manaspus
  17. i know man fuckin asian girls get me everytime, i feel this guys pain
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