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  1. that NSF SWS rooftop is tight
  2. awesome i love to start my morning with racism.
  3. shut that shit you malicious hooker, those pics arent your shit, you put them on the internet so theyre everyones shit. YOU are the one who should be more hospitable. pretty much every image host has a privacy setting.
  5. sorry, im not exactly a photographer
  6. bump everybody puttin in work. bob, rebar, sumoe, stilts, musto, MT, mel, live
  7. "if it wasnt for mr. maker, i wouldnt have half as much sex as i do."
  8. hahaaaa oh the stories, miss you man see you soon
  9. shit freaks me out, what mentally corrupt person wants their little girl to prance around on stage all dolled up like some 30 year old broad, shit is sick.
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