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  1. Props to the first person to post their work.
  2. Props to armand hammer, this thread is a good idea whether it gets locked or not.
  3. ^^^ LAWST >U? Come on, the AUDACITY! If ignorance is bliss, I can't imagine the awesome time you are having.
  4. ^^Yes Tom AAANNNDDDDD put up or SHUT UP. Too much negativity in this thread. Like a bunch of chicks on the same crimson wave. Put up what you guys have and get crits. Don't be scared of what screen names say about your work on your computer. Some people will be nice but be ready for the blunt comments. They all aren't real anyways
  5. ^^Yes. Thanks Ani, and yeah, a lot of pics but hey I was smashed. Good times--
  6. Thanks. I'm going to be a whore now. I was going through pics and it's interesting to see where I've been. Ahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhahah!!!!!!!
  7. "VI"I lost my camera card so I have to find fun ways to post pics. More up soon
  8. Proves that 666/pentagrams/upside down crosses equals SHITTY SKILL. This goes for the rest of you ;)
  9. You should go over the gray with a crescent line closest to the white to add depth.
  10. It was not meant to be readable. I wanted the letters to like this I always thought it looked cool. Everyone has their preferences
  11. Drippyy''s are ok. [quote=j6250 tbh I think that when I don't have writers block and shit I manage to do some halforiginal shit... I think that AudiOliver was original too, and alts also have a pretty different style. So I dunno what you're on about. I'd like to see some shit from you though.. Old stuff
  12. ^^I get it, the civilization of the modern world from the eyes of a purist. Good stuff.
  13. I don't like to post them up. My name is different. Once the name is connected, they look at photos and bam-charged. My style is similar but I keep to myself and those I trust. It's a small world, stay paranoid and you can get away with it for awhile. I still don't get how people post flicks of their stuff and aren't aware of who's watching.
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