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  1. Whatever homie Im from Denver the strongest chapter. Remember that...
  2. This dumb fuck just said shut the fuck up snitches get stitches or some shit then admits This guy is down with the click??? WTF Let me guess I have a 1920's haircut also???
  3. The only person from TKO out in Detroit is FLEKS TKO MDR TMK... Unless Fleks put him down but I don't think so. Happy New year Aires, Fleks, Niets see you in the other D soon...
  4. The TKO wasn't finished in this pic, now it is... ^^^
  5. Nice pics, you should of flicked that Free Kroket whole trailer while you were in there. Free Kroket TKO, Funk and all the brothers doing time... One Love
  6. This deserves a repost... Bump Killa Kier
  7. You want some attention again my lil hoe scrap killa???
  8. That Suave is stupid fresh. Reminds me of my acid tripping days, I think I still get flashbacks from it...
  9. Lots of hate in here, not a good look for the city. Who ever has a problem with each other man the fuck up and throw the fair one. After that you can call it coo or take it further your choice.
  10. Free KROCKET TKO a Real Motherfucking G... And to all caught up in the struggle.
  11. REST EASY KING... Preach, Repent, Swetty P, whatever you know him by??? What up to my MDR's, and Saga pm me G. Im going out there soon and wanted to hook up with my TKO's while I was out there...
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