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  1. awwww. you hurt my feelings.
  2. ykw = no status tos = southwest heavies
  3. T.O.S. real hot right now. verse especially. nice to see old heads come back like that.
  4. ah ha................. familiprix
  5. calm down with the witch hunt, no one deserves 6 months for graff. he got off with a slap on the wrist with the same recipe before so no need to think he wouldnt get the same treatment this time around. he got made an example of and is now more famous cause of it. its easy to shit on someone but at the end of the day, hes way cooler than you.
  6. God Bless Ottawa. See you this summer ya sweet bastards!! props to skc and dbs.
  7. True dat. coming in like they own something. fuck outta heee. And dont give me that hater shit i aint your peer im your superior. oh yeah dont come on the montreal thread dissing the canadiens and king jays. stop fucking up. seriously.
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